Best Pakistani Boutiques in the GTA area

When you are lost with without your traditional dress…… 

 Where do I start? My experience with finding Pakistani boutiques for my wedding dresses and other party dresses was terrible.

  To start I will say, bing a Pakistani myself, I can assure you that you can tell apart Pakistani wedding dresses from Indian wedding dresses. Now I’m not saying Pakistani brides can’t wear Indian made wedding dresses, but if you are looking for actual Pakistani styled wedding dresses the ones you can find at Indian bridal boutiques will just not cut it.

Unfortunately, I was stuck in the position where I was Gung-ho about finding and wearing a Pakistani wedding dress. And boy oh boy was it hard to find any decent information online. There is a such a huge lack of customer reviews or even simple blogs or stores directing you to local boutiques. In addition to the lack of finding a boutique all together I knew I would run into an additional problem, that of being too tall to fit into any off the rack dresses.

Of course, after being lazy and just planning to settle for any local Indian boutique and rejected by several unfortunately for being too tall and the fact that they can’t make custom clothes, I finally set out to find what I can only describe as a very small collection of boutiques that are ACTUALLY Pakistani.

So to help you avoid the hassle and pain I went through to find some amazing boutiques I will provide a summary list of the three “best” boutiques I have come to know in the GTA area that are authentically Pakistani. So here it goes…

Kohinoor Haute Couture

This one is my ALL-time favorite place to visit and purchase from. From their amazing customer service to their gorgeous designs, very reasonable prices and finally their ability to custom design your wedding dress (huge relief for brown girls who are over 6 feet tall). The price point is a HUGE plus here. Party dresses start from the low hundreds and off the rack dresses, unlike most south Asian stores, come in many different sizes, ranging from xs to plus sizes. My favorite location is on Islington and Albion, however they are starting to open multiple locations across the GTA which is amazing as one of them is bound to be close to you so you can check them out.

Saira Sheikh Bridals

This was also one of the amazing finds and one I visit often, albeit its quite far from me (Northyork). Saira sheikh boutique is the only one I know that can provide custom outfits for the whole family for any event. She has the capacity to take large orders and deliver on time. She also has an amazing selection of off the rack dresses (also available in multiple sizes) and an on-site tailor to help with any last-minute alterations (HUGE BONUS). With Saira being able to design dresses with custom designs (embroidery etc.) the prices are a little on the expensive side, but the final products speak for themselves. In addition to selling custom dresses she can also provide custom artificial jewelry to match your outfits (this was a huge life saver for me). She is located on Dundad street in Missisauga in a prime and easy to access location. Her large showroom with the glittering dresses is a definite must to visit if you are looking for Pakistani dresses.

And last but not least is ….

Oriental Costumes

A family run business that truly cares about making sure you look your best for your special occasion. This is located about a 10-15-minute drive from Saira Sheikh Bridals and therefore a must see when you are already in the neighborhood. From intricate jewelry to stunning custom outfits, oriental delivers on the first impression you get as you enter the boutique. What I loved most about this place was the many Pakistani outfits it offered for little girls (you nieces will love you forever), I didn’t see any outfits for kids at other boutiques. The amazing customer service only adds to the charm.

If you are comfortable with online shopping for South Asian weddings, Safinaaz at Grey Canvas has put together an amazing list of online resources that you can explore. Check it out here

I hope this short list of our favorite boutiques has made planning your Pakistani wedding here in GTA just a little bit easier. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to reach out to us at and let us know how we can help.



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