Checking in on things the week of or even month-of

You will need help!!!! Trust us, you will thank us after...

You absolutely HAVE TO find someone who can help you manage last minute runs for things forgotten, emergencies with vendors and generally making sure everything holds together. It could be your maid of honor (but I think she will already have too much on her plate, so spare her if you can), other friend who is not part of wedding party and even better if it’s a month-of or week-of event planner.

Last week/month before the event can get even more hectic than the first few weeks of planning. As you get closer to the Big day, all vendors will start being in touch more often, to clear any last-minute issues or details. Unfortunately all vendors will require regular and prompt contact at this point to iron out the details of the day. Your will be asked to provide on the day contact for all vendors.

Another major thing requiring your attention will be a detailed on the day of plan. The dya of plan will include details from when the makeup starts for bride and party to when the candles are lit in the church to how much time you have for driving back from your photos to make it to your reception in time. We have seen many weddings fall apart where the bride and groom forgot to atleast create a generic time outline of how the day will progress. When making this timeline, be mindful of the hours of service you have signed up for from you vendors, i.e Photographers, bar, venue hours as well as any limo rentals for the day.

Finally, this last week is when most couples are at the most risk to get additional charges from their vendors for not meeting deadlines, making last minute changes and any delays on the day of. Make sure everything is in order to avoid additional charges that may throw your budget out of whack. Free checklists available (easy can be a good starting point for your to do lists. And better yet has an actual app that you can use to make sure you keep everything in check. Check it out here

Last week/month is to enjoy the upcoming celebration of a big milestone in your life and not for stress and meltdowns. Hiring a wedding or event planner is an absolute MUST these days to help you through the last little bit. This will not only save YOU lots of headache but also allow your family members/friends to enjoy your day with you instead of worrying about things falling apart.

Lastly for fun, here is a short video of the most commonly forgotten wedding details that you should account for in your emergency list to check off 

Let us know how we can help, rates start from just $500 for day of planning. Please reach out to us at for any questions and free consultation for your event.


*Note: Series continuing in next post 


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