First Steps for Planning your Wedding


Welcome back!!! Or Welcome!! Once again Congratulations on getting engaged, we are so excited to help you start planning for this next big milestone of your life.

So let’s dive right into this, continuing of course form our summary post...

When to start planning?

As per our last post, Almost immediately, if not earlier. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be mad dash to the finish line, it can be a relaxing enjoyable experience if you start planning early and don’t leave everything for the last minute. Hopefully you have a minimum of 9 months to plan and execute the big day, if not, don’t worry we will do a short post on how to put together events on short notice as well.

Start by investing in a good planner/journal as soon as you can so you can keep track of your ideas. If you are not into writing everything out on paper you can use apps like Penzu, although you can create your own diary in Google Drive by simply creating a folder with all the different topics and keep it updated. Best thing about keeping an online journal is also the availability and ease of access to said journal anytime and anywhere.

What should you decide on first?

 I know it might seem a bit obvious, but not quite as obvious as you might think. The first thing to plan and finalize are DATES. So many people start thinking about venues, specific vendors they have had their eye on etc. but if you can’t finalize a date you can’t finalize any other vendor. So sit down with your significant other and figure out which dates work the best for you. When you start off don’t settle on one singular date, be flexible, have at least two days that work best, they can be a week apart or even a month. Having options will let you choose between a much bigger variety of vendors and locations and sometimes you just need that flexibility to accommodate guests that might be flying from around the world. Once you have finalized some dates its time to move on to the next steps of planning….


*Note: Series continuing in next post 




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