How to make your guest list and stick to it?


How to manage your guest list....

Making a guest list and sticking to it is hard. Your budget will help get you started on the right path in terms of what you can afford and will help trim down your guests lists. If your budget is low/restricted however, and the guest count higher, generally the quality of food/beverages and entertainment (DJ/MC) will take the biggest hit (as that tends to be one of the biggest costs).

So in order to stay on the right path when you are starting out with your guests list, start with the people most important to you that you would like to share your big day with. Ideally you have established a limit based on the location you have decided to go with as all venues have a maximum number of guests per room. Having a sample floor plan with maximum numbers of tables and general layout will help with determine how the space alone will limit your guest list. A great tool if you are tech savvy is the virtual seating plan and venue layout by All Seated, not only will it save you time, if you are anything like me, seeing everything down on an actual map/plan will help ease some of the stress. Check out this great tutorial by All Seated on how to create your own cutsom seating plan 

Other factors that may be important to you can also change your guest count i.e. adults only party, offended family, family/friends you feel obligated to invite. One question we always get asked is “how do we tell parents their kids are not invited?”. The answer is simple, inform your guests in your save the date that it will be an adult only party and stick to your guts. One of the biggest mistakes we have seen couples make is try to accommodate too many requests from friends and family on THEIR day and end up having a sub-par event as a result.

Avoid drama buy setting limits right at the beginning and stick to your decisions to decrease the likelihood of unwanted surprises on the day of the event. Remember at the end of the day it is YOUR big day and you deserve to plan a wedding day you have imagined and brought to life.

Helping with issues like these as well as setting limits and negotiate any issues that may arise during the planning with stubborn in laws, grooms’ men and brides’ maids is also something Event Coordinators can help you navigate through. They can help take the pressure off your chest by taking some of the heat and setting some issues without putting your perfection of your big day in jeopardy.

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