How to manage contact with all your vendor and guests?

Do I really need to be in contact with my vendors all the time?

YES. Maintaining contact with all your vendors weekly (at the start of the planning) at a minimum is a MUST. Don’t forget, they are dealing with multiple clients, but you are dealing with just them. As a result, they can fall behind and sometimes mistakes get made (we are all humans after all), and it is critical that these mistakes get caught in time and don’t translate to a complete disaster on the day of the event.

We strongly suggest creating an email specifically for maintaining contact with your guests and vendors. Maintaining contact with all your vendors is critical but so is staying sane and no one needs their personal email spammed constantly plus it will help with general organization in your life. And since most people these days create an email for RSVP purposes already (we HIGHLY recommend this), use that as the central email for all wedding related stuff.

Instead of signing contracts in person, because you unfortunately can’t be in multiple places at once, use your email to receive and sign back contracts. If you are planning a wedding remotely, this will be tremendous help as you can’t drive back and forth between vendors, let alone cities. And trust me there will be a constant stream of emails to confirm and re confirm and book appointments as well as share ideas and this way you can keep track of everything in one designated location if you will. Another critical aspect is keeping all your emails for your records, do not delete anything, paper trail can help pin point when and if any issues arose.

If you don’t want to continuously be checking your phone or your computer to make sure your vendors are all in sync with your ideas, event planners can also help manage this portal of communication and make sure that only final decisions and emails make it your way so you can relax while your event is being organized for you. So give us a shout out today and let us know how we can help you plan your big day J

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