How to plan your budget?

How to plan your budget?.....

Wedding planning is going to be a lot harder unless you have at least outlined a rough budget and weddings as we have experienced first-hand, can quickly spiral out of control in terms of budget.

In this age of easy access to gorgeous pictures on Pinterest and Instagram it is easy to get lost in a whirl of ideas and want a bit of everything. To stay on track, start by creating a mood board so everyone can present their ideas, and nothing will be a surprise. Include pictures for your color themes, center piece ideas, flowers, cakes etc.

It is critical for you and your partner to sit down and outline what things are important to both of you and you absolutely cannot do without. Talk about whether you are going to have a traditional wedding, with a religious ceremony (church, temple etc.) and then reception or simply a reception. Both partners have to be completely in sync for the budget to stay on track.

Once you have decided on a list of must haves and a general idea of how many events (wedding/reception etc.) you will have you can start assigning some numbers.

Create an excel sheet for each day and put the basic expenses in (you can add or delete later on). Add critical things like Venue fees, food, invitations, dress/suits, event organisers first, and then add other things that you may or may not have a specific focus on like Décor, DJ/entertainment, cake etc. Assign a number that you expect to pay for each item.

Once you have divided up your budget into each category, do a little online research. There is an abundance of information online about average pricing for venue rentals, cakes etc. If you have certain vendors in mind, check their reviews and blogs, to see if brides have mentioned prices. Doing that will help you figure out and realign your budget if need be to more realistic prices and narrow you down to what you may or may not want to include.

 Despite all your best efforts you may still struggle with your budget and finding the vendors. Which is why our honest opinion is to seriously consider an event planner. Event planners work with a wide array of other event vendors (venues, flower shops, caterers etc.) on a daily basis. They can prove to be great assets to get you additional discounts, bring a wider selection of vendors to the table, keep tabs on your budget, help you with alternative ideas in case something doesn’t fit within your budget and most importantly, they can take away the headache of you having to crunch numbers on a daily basis. So our suggestion is to definitely make some room in your budget for event planners and we can assure you, you will not regret it.

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